Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hair are your aerials

Had my bi-monthly (every two months) haircut today. I find it a bit of an ordeal. As usual I sat in the chair, looked in the mirror, and thought "What am I doing? My hair looks great". But it has to be done. There are broadly two types of hair cutting establishment - old school barbers (in the minority) and shiny salons. I alternate between the two but don't feel comfortable in either. Barbers will ask me about football and my job - two subjects I loathe. And in salons they ask me where I go clubbing (I don't). Also in salons they've normally got the radio tuned to a station playing back to back techno so loudly that the speakers are buzzing. The reading matter in both types of place usually consists of an FHM type magazine and/or The Sun. The papers capture it actually. These places are either reactionary tabloid or glossy sleaze. What I want is more of a Guardian hairdressers. Why don't such places exist?


  1. I'm a slaphead, more or less, so I'm really not that fussy where I go. My missus will do it for nowt with my clippers, but sometimes I prefer to just head to the barber down the road, who will give me my grade 1 for a fiver, and sometimes I go to a posher one in town that will do it for £12 or something (and make more of a fuss over it). I like it short, so I need to go every 4 weeks. Consider yourself lucky!

    Having said that, the barber has either car magazines or the Sun, and the posher place is an FHM zone. Rubbish. Why don't barbers stock the Guardian? What's wrong with them?


  2. I dunno, I just find the level of uniformity odd. It's trivial really but can you imagine going to get your hair cut and hearing Belle & Sebastian? It'll just never happen.