Monday, 21 September 2009

Out of step

I had my desert boots resoled not so long ago. I was quite pleased with the price: £18. Though the boots themselves only cost £14 originally it was worth it because they're the right shape (a bit stubby toed). It may be tantamount to heresy in some circles but I don't really like Clark's desert boots: they're too elongated. Another good thing about having them resoled (rather than just buying a new pair for less) was that the cobbler, at my request, sheared the heel off leaving just a flat sole, which I consider correct. But the main thing is: I like getting things mended. Apart from the heel on the left boot they were still in dead good nick and had developed a characterful patina.

I can't stand shoes with plastic soles or big chunks of plastic embedded into the sole. For a start they look terrible. I suppose it's a bit more durable than leather or foam or whatever but once they're worn away, that's it - the whole shoe has to go. So it's hard not to be cynical about the manufacturers' motives for this hideous development. My sole of choice is crepe but it's got a lot harder to find places that'll do it. According to one cobbler I spoke to crepe is too messy - it melts all over their machines. Another place quoted me the outrageous price of sixty quid.


  1. hoes are difficult, especially if you want odd shoes. I bought a pair of fantastic shoes once but with no good soles. They were quite sheep, flip flop like. So, I re soled them for a high price butI still don’t use them; they don’t have any real use. Why did I buy them in the first place, I wondered.
    I don’t know, but they looked very much like 60’s Morocco.

  2. commited Desert Booter here also!!! Although I'ma wuss, and it's getting to that time of year when I will stop wearing them mostly... I have to walk in about a mile to work in the morning, and if it's raining the whole walk that's a pair well n truly naffed up!

    a 'two hole' man i presume???


  3. Ande - your shoes sound like classic holiday shoes. But not much good for the city. I remember a time when a friend from the north came to visit me in London. We met up with another friend who had also been living in London for a while and he and I were both wearing sandals. Our visiting friend was appalled at this display of southern decadence. In my defence: it was a very sunny day. And we were going to the park.

    Piley - Hello, very glad to see you here. Too true on the weather front. If there's one thing worse than work, it's work with sodden feet. And yes, you presume right.

  4. I'm a desert boot fan also, and sadly I've neglected to wear them this summer and now you're making me think it might be too late. Damnit!

  5. The English climate is not a happy one for desert boot wearers in any season. I'll chance it most of the time in my regular boots, but my Hudson's only come out for very special occasions.