Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Keep on running

Strictly speaking I'm not a mod. My appreciation of jazz is rudimentary, I haven't got a scooter (and if I had, it'd be an Aprilia Habana Custom) and I really, really can't dance.

But I am a real fusspot when it comes to clothes and footwear. I could never wear bowling shoes (except when bowling of course) but the trainers over there I regard as a work of art. It breaks my heart to contemplate the first beer slopping over them, the first squirt of ketchup from a drunken burger. They're Clarks and they don't do them anymore. The quality of the shoes seems to have gone downhill a bit in the last few years - the leather seems a bit plasticky - they never use nubuck anymore.


  1. I was never a mod but did have a love black Vespa GS with chrome panels which did piss the mods off.

    Nice shoes, not practical if you did have a scooter as they would be covered in 2 stroke in a matter of seconds


  2. I did not know that scooters were messy - I thought their cleanness was part of the appeal.

  3. I'm the same about my pair of Adidas SL 72s - the exact model worn by Starksy..
    Madly rare, they've only been reissued a couple of times. Luckily I grabbed a pair on the last release 93.

    I rarely wear them now as they've begun to show signs of weathering in key places. I knew I should have bought two pairs at the time. Ironically I went to a custom car show and sat in a replica 'Zebra 3 ' Torino -but wasn't wearing them

  4. Vespas and Lambretta's were constantly breaking down, so you were always fiddling about with he engine. I think that the modern scooters are a lot better but I bet not as much fun.

  5. Mondo - I had to look them up, very snazzy. I'm not a connoisseur but I was gutted a while back when I discovered I'd just missed out on some special edition Puma Roma 68s, so beautiful.

    Drew - I'm not generally drawn to manly pursuits but it's my secret ambition to be good at tinkering with engines.