Monday, 4 October 2010

C'est Fab, part deux

Yesterday I killed two birds with one stone and saw the impossibly svelte Fabienne Delsol at the 100 Club. I'd never been to this legendary venue and apparently sky high rents are forcing it to close by Christmas - which, now that I've been, I can say would be a great shame - it's exactly the kind of club that I love. It's just the right size and last night it was reasonably full of blokes in snazzy cardigans and aging retro beauties.

The first support act, an instrumental three piece, efficiently cranked it out and I missed most of the second band as I went for a wander down Wardour Street in search of cigarettes. When I got back in I walked over to the stage and positioned myself near where the microphone had been set up and that was that - I'm so used to hardly being able to see bands it was weird to be standing two yards away, I didn't know quite where to look half the time.

The show was to promote her new album which I haven't heard but according to the blurb is meant to be a bit mellower than her previous output, but everything sounded pretty crunchy last night. The highlights for me, not very adventurously, were the ones I'd heard before, the best being the closer - a cover of early Quo tune When My Mind Is Not Live. After this they left the stage and someone (the club owner?) jumped up and tried to cajole them into an encore - Fabienne returned to the stage and said she'd sing if the band were up for it. They weren't. At least I think that's what happened - I was a bit drunk. I was hoping that they'd play My Love Is Like A Spaceship.

I was surprised at how low key the event was, I clearly have a tendency to assume that bands I like are bigger than they are - I was amazed when I saw Fabienne walk around the stage placing out the set lists and just generally hanging around throughout the evening. I'm fairly sure that kind of thing didn't happen at even the crummiest gigs I attended as a teenager. Someone's posted a tune from the very night on youtube already. My bowlcut makes an appearance from 1' 03" onwards.


  1. I've been a Fab fan for ages, but still haven't got around to blogging about her. She makes a tasty refit of Laisse Tomber Les Filles

  2. Nice little tune that skips along at quite a pace; love the riff - seems to be All Day And All Of The Night after a couple of Babychams.

    I still can't walk down Wardour St without thinking of the old Marquee club.

  3. Mondo - Yes, they had a good crack at it last night. I still prefer the April March version, there's not much between them but I think you generally prefer whichever you hear first.

    John - She's good enough not to have to be so derivative - it'd have been better just to play All Day etc. I think. To be honest Wardour Street's always been a road I walk along to get somewhere else (record shops mainly). I used to like going in The Intrepid Fox.