Friday, 14 January 2011

Creation myth

Here and there I've spoken disparagingly of Bobby Gillespie (his often painful media persona, the vast gulf between his opinion of his abilities and the quality of his musical output, his blathering on and on about being strung out on heroin). And so, in the interests of balance, some good things. His haircut, not so much these days but earlier on - a classic. And secondly, by and large I find Primal Scream's music a bit... bloodless, but here are two of their tracks that I must admit I do really like, Imperial from when I was young and When the Kingdom Comes from when I was almost young.

Primal Scream Imperial

Primal Scream
When the Kingdom Comes

Roving about for a little picture to go at the top of the post my eye was caught by the cover for Shoot Speed featuring Mr Gillespie in more innocent times, against a suitably pop art background. By co-incidence it features both the tracks. Only released in Japan for some reason, the tracklisting looks pretty good I think, expensive though.


  1. He is a complete tosser no wonder him and McGee get on so famously.

  2. It's the puffed up, I am the Greatest attitude (the obnoxious high point of which was reached by the Gallaghers) that really bugs me. There's just no need for it.