Monday, 20 June 2011

Two nines clash

The other day Ally at Dusty Sevens posted Get Up And Use Me by the Fire Engines. Because she doesn't like it. I think. Anyway, I thought it was great and one thing led to another and I discovered Nectarine No. 9. This is what I always hoped the Apples in Stereo or the Lilys would sound like: laidback psychedelia (those whoopwhoopwhoop bits). Throw in the fact that nine has always been my lucky number and it's all totally irresistible.

Nectarine No. 9 I Love Total Destruction


  1. I'll see your Nectarine #9 (more please, A) and raise you 999!

  2. I nearly posted On Fire Stickers as well (lot of the same lyrics to a ska backing, very good). But thought it wasn't on to post two tracks off the same album. And I've only got the one album.

    I'd heard of 999 (you see the name painted on punks' leather jackets) but never actually heard them. Pretty catchy, but the video reminds me of why I'm so dismissive of so much punk: the theatrical gurning, his half hearted little roll around on the floor.