Thursday, 18 August 2011

Francophonic Thursday

Davy H today posted Francoise Hardy's Voila, and so I drew his attention to the Voila-sampling Lord Knows Best which by co-incidence I'd bought last night. Meanwhile over on Across The Kitchen Table Drew responded to Davy with Jacqueline Taieb's Sept Heures Du Matin, which in a further co-incidence, I'd also bought last night, along with two other tracks, both of which were also French. Clearly the gods of blogging demand that I post one of those tracks right now.

The Liminanas Funeral Girl


  1. Incredible! If I were Sting I'd say it was synchronicity. Something's afoot/à pied!

  2. And I know it is the worst kind of Brit-prejudiced 'all I know about French pop is Je T'Aime Non Plus and this' - but I now have a very strong urge to play Plastic Betrand

  3. That's 'Moi Non Plus', obvs

  4. And 'Bertrand' Oh, FFS (retires).

  5. Blimey Davy, three further comments while I was concocting a response to your first. I think I bought my first Francoise Hardy album (like you after hearing All Over The World) before I heard Air's Moon Safari but that was the album that made me realise French pop was a force to reckoned with.

    And now, on co-incidences:

    I've noticed this kind of thing a few times - John Medd tweeting about how chuffed he was with a Billy Liar programme he'd just acquired and earlier that day while flipping through a big book a copy of the same programme, which I'd forgotten all about, dropped out. That was weird.

  6. Wasn't Bertrand Belgian?

    Anyway, what a triumverate of tracks. Maybe we should try and make a series of this but my knowledge of Gallic pop is not that great.

    Great tract by the way Artog.

  7. Cheers Drew, the other track of theirs that I picked up was Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl, very good just a bit mellower than Funeral Girl, reminds me of The Brian Jonestown Massacre a bit. But with French vocals.

    Looking Bertrand up he is indeed Belgian, I don't think it's out of order to describe Belgians as Gallic, at least not the French speaking ones. A bit academic though, it says on his Wikipedia page that he didn't sing on any of his first four albums.