Friday, 13 January 2012


Today, for the first time ever, I was accosted by a roving camera crew (from ITV I think they said). "At last" I thought, "an opportunity to speak out on some crucial issue". The question? Which celebrity bum did I most rate, and why? I admit I was flummoxed. After a couple of seconds' thought I apologised for not really being au fait with celebrity bums and stalked off.

I had thought of saying Pippa Middleton's, but that's only because hers is the only bottom I've heard any mention of in the media. In the end I didn't as, while I was sure it was very nice, I couldn't honestly recall if it was really my kind of bottom or not. I checked when I got back in, it isn't - not big enough. Further research on the matter revealed what my answer, had I been paying more attention, should have been: Christina Hendricks.

Happy New Year.


  1. you sir, have the high ground.

    ..well, until that bit at the end. But as far as ITV knows.... you have the high ground.

  2. I think that's one of those questions where you're supposed to say Pippa Middleton, like how in 1978 you'd have been supposed to say Agnetha Faltskog. It's like, The Man is messin' wit' you.

  3. I hate the word bum, now arse there's a word.

  4. ST - I never maintain the moral high ground for longer than about ten minutes.

    Davy - I bet that's the top answer. But I refuse to play along with The Man.

    Drew - Bum is a bit of a silly word, but I think arse sounds harsh. That said, mulling it over, I think Arse would've made a better post title.

  5. Good call: Middleton maketh not the rocking world go 'round.

  6. Time to play Spinal Tap's Big Bottom methinks.

    Word veri- lookin

  7. JM - Yeah, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I put it down to royalist propaganda.

    SA - Despite having the Spinal Tap album that track didn't occur to me, I thought about using that rap tune (the one about loving big butts). Spinal Tap better though.