Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Song in the key of Syd

England isn't on the list of sovereign countries I've been consulting on wikipedia, because it's been subsumed by the UK as far as that kind of thing is concerned I think.  But for the purposes of this series of posts I'm breaking the UK up into its constituent parts (I need Wales for W) and this is the track I'm using for England.  I became aware of the gentle pop of The Doozer through reading Pete Um's blog.

On the the strength of the single Radio On I took a chance on his album Keep It Together (which, by the way,  doesn't feature Radio On). It flows so nicely it's one of those albums I listen to all the way through every time I put it on. The first time I played it the wife said, "Pffft! It sounds just like Syd Barrett",  and she was actually a bit outraged. My attitude was more, "This is great! It sounds just like Syd Barrett!" .

And it really does.  So, if you feel that Barrett's output was insufficient and you want more of that kind of stuff in your life, go to The Doozer's website and buy this album. It's on vinyl too.

The Doozer Fen Drayton


  1. So are you going to sacrifice Sweden for Scotland? Tricky one that, so much good Swedish stuff over the past 10 years or so.

  2. S is a really good letter pop music countries-wise: Scotland, Sweden and South Africa. My musical taste buds are pretty Sub Saharan at the minute and there's a tune off Next Stop Soweto that's been driving me insane just lately. But I'm mindful that Ghana nudged Germany out so perhaps it should go to the Swedes to provide some nordic flavour. And there's at least one other African country pencilled in. But then again, the place is fucking massive so perhaps that's only right.

    And there's no denying Scotland have a glut of awesome bands, but I don't know about using three countries from within the UK.