Thursday, 21 March 2013

Peru too*

That's what the post title for the letter P was going to be. But I couldn't find the Peruvian track I had in mind. I thought I had a bit back in Static Records, he played a tune at one point and it sounded just like it. I asked what it was: the b side of Redbone's Witch Queen of New Orleans. But my Peruvian track was a proper field recording type thing. I've interrogated an old hard drive's favourites, but no luck. I remember I used to listen to a snippet of it over and over on a digital downloads site that had an orange background with white writing. The track was in the ritual/tribal section.

Instead we travel to Puerto Rico. I'd never really been quite sure where Puerto Rico was, nor had any knowledge of its constitutional arrangements. According to wikipedia it's sort of an American protectorate or something and will probably become a fully fledged state in due course. So, quickly, before that happens here are the not at all brilliantly named Davila 666. It's what I would call punk in the Pebbles, Nuggets, Garage Rock sense of the word rather than the more political and uptight British sense. I've no idea what they're on about (they may in fact be overtly political), but I like it.

Davila 666 Basura

* Name the track. No prize (other than the kudos, obviously).


  1. Peru too is from Devo's Space Junk

  2. And we have a winner! Well done Anon, did you get it straight off? Or did it gnaw away at your brain for a while? Q:AWNM?A:WAD! is one of my all time favourite albums but I've never listened to any of their others. Weird.

  3. Straight off. I never gave the subsequent recordings a chance either, the poot. I sought out and enjoy the Hardcore Devo volumes.