Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cafe news

When you walk to the end of your road you generally have two options: left or right. I usually turn left, only turning right to post birthday cards from a pillar box up that way or to fetch late night pints of milk from a petrol station. Also on the right though is a greasy spoon that, incredibly, in the eight years I've lived here, I have never sat down and eaten in. (I don't know why not, my wife's theory is that it doesn't look very inviting.)

Anyway, and you may have seen this coming, I went there last Friday. This is how it went down. The chips were truly excellent. Thin and with a slight crunch but by no means dry. The sausages were the usual greasy spoon sausages. No doubt made of reconstituted gubbins, but yummy enough all the same. The egg, writing this three days later I have no strong recollection of the egg. There was nothing bad about it, I'm sure of that. Decor-wise, the tables and seats are of the sturdy, bolted-in variety. The spacing between tables is just right. There might have been a cheese plant, though that could just be my memory playing tricks on me. Overall the atmosphere was friendly and warm. This could be the best cafe in Twickenham.


  1. If you're ever passing Bethnal Green way you must try Pellicci's 0 and ask for Jukebox Jimmy, for a great natter about music..

    You can grab a couple of his takeaway chat and tunes podcasts here...

  2. Next time I'm in Twickenham, I'm there.

  3. It's been a couple of years since I've been out east and I am determined to get to Pellicci's. Lord knows I regret not stopping by any of Soho's legendary cafes when they were still there. One day I even hope to get to the cafe in Westcliff that you recommended (and the railway cafe in Malton recommended by John Medd).

    It's a bit out of the way you know SA, but I suppose once you've sampled all the delights of Twickenham proper (give yourself at least twenty minutes), you might as well pop in. I'm still working on how I'm going to make a visit to Beatnik Records happen. And if I go to Altrincham I can't not go to Timperley to check out the Frank Sidebottom statue.

  4. The statue's due to go up but isn't there yet.

  5. I read it was being unveiled in June, I think. On the same weekend as an African music festival in Liverpool. I didn't get to that either.