Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A little bit of politics

Except it shouldn’t really be political. But somehow it seems it is. I’m not sure why I’m surprised but the barrage of contempt and ignorance thrown up by rather a lot of police officers and their uncritical supporters has left me dazed and confused. And angry. Anyway, here you go, check it all out, sign the petition etc.


  1. Nobody feeling the protest? Not to worry, I saw an excellent bench a few weeks back. And we've upgraded from hamsters to a cat! And there's always music isn't there.

  2. I missed your return and have just spotted it. But am unable to listen to music rigjt now. I shall try to remember to pop back.
    Swiss Adam

  3. Not sure if this is what it's getting at but it sounds like the Mark Kennedy case; I read about that at the time and it really sent my head spinning. Who can you trust?

  4. Hello C, yes, the Mark Kennedy case. And all the others. And especially the ones we don’t know about. You say at the time, but it still hasn’t really been dealt with, that’s whole point behind Lush’s current campaign. I’m not a knee jerk police hater by any means. My job involves working with the police on a reasonably regular basis. But the horrific immorality of what these officers have done and the way, still, now that the truth has to be clawed, ounce by ounce, from a police service which is blatantly in damage limitation mode. Well, it just makes me rather angry. And I think more people should be angry about it.

  5. Quaintly modern, vandal proof and coming soon to a blog near you.

    1. Is it in the shadow of a lighthouse, or is that just wishful thinking?

  6. Alas, I haven't visited any lighthouses for ages. However, I'm off to Dunster for my hols again in a couple of months - this year I might finally make it to Lundy.