Saturday, 11 April 2009

It was thirty years ago today

People of a certain age are currently freaking out (understandably) about the fact that the Stone Roses' first album is twenty years old. This soundtrack's thirtieth anniversary shares the same year and probably a slighly smaller place in some of the same people's affection.

It's the first album I owned, and I think I saw the film at the cinema. I picked up a copy at a jumble sale last summer and finally got around to playing it yesterday (I've just got around to sorting out my stereo, on a little table and everything).

My favourite songs remain "Movin' Right Along" and then "Can You Picture That" by Dr Teeth & Electric Mayhem - the rest is competently performed sentimental slush. While Fozzy and Kermit's duet is still as catchy and amusing as ever Electric Mayhem's effort seems rather tame now, my taste in rock music having become slightly heavier in the intervening years. Still, well worth fifty pence.

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