Saturday, 11 April 2009

Thou shalt not wear flares

I can't stand punks. As in punk rock. As in what happened in England in 1976. I was too young to be into the music at the time and not much is very appealing now. The Buzzcocks, The Jam, Joy Division: all three have been my favourite band at some point. But the Clash and the Pistols? I just can't take them seriously. By that I mean I find them ridiculous. Johnny Rotten with his "mad" stare, he admits his act was pantomime. His significance? Working class youth's voice had never been heard. Apart from maybe the Beatles. And every other beat band. Attitude? I know the Stones are now a hideous spectacle but Keith Richards' declaration that they were not old men and that they were not concerned with petty morals. What you'd expect from any rock and roll outlaw. But at his own trial? Addressing the judge? A bit more impressive than obliging the simpering Bill Grundy with a few swear words. God that clip's toe curling.

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