Friday, 24 July 2009

C'est Fab

I've only just discovered Fabienne Delsol. Why so great? It's not changed my life or anything but given that she's on the same label as Holly Golightly, and knocks out retro pop with a killer French accent in the manner of April March I'm surprised it's taken me so long. Oh and she's very attractive. It sometimes bothers me, even if I love the music, that so many singers (especially females) are so good looking. But, well...there's a waste of time for you. The music borders on retrophiliac but (again) so what?

Fabienne Delsol: Hanging on A String

A fairly straight cover of the ? and the Mysterians track. But miles better than the Mysterians because they are, when all's said and done, not very good.

Fabienne Delsol: My Love Is Like A Spaceship

Another cover, this time of a song by the mythical Big Boy Pete. The original can be heard on his myspace page. I'm currently weighing up whether or not to get some of his stuff.


  1. I clocked onto her a couple of years ago Between You And Me is worth well a wallop as is her version of Laisse Tomber Les Filles and a cover of an early Quo tune (I've forgotten the name)

  2. Hello PM, thanks for dropping by. I'd ask if you had a nice holiday but I've already read that you did so, er..good. "Between You and Me" is on the list and most curious to hear the Quo cover. Early Quo you say? So a bit psychedelic? They deserve more respect really and I was going to ponder aloud why it was that they don't get it, but then I remembered: it's because they're dicks.