Monday, 10 August 2009


I've been away for a week or so visiting my parents and catching up with old friends. As usual a complete nostalgia trip - the customary rummage in the attic turned up my old Dennis the Menace fanclub Gnasher badge there. I didn't find any of the other bits and bobs that came with it though. While I'm sure I took my menacing commitments seriously at the time I'm not sure of any lasting influence, other than a long standing fondness for stripey tee shirts. Yet more nostalgia: I found a shop in Castleton that sold Dandelion & Burdock cordial.


  1. Have you seen the seventies Spanish Zombie film The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue it was filmed in and around Casleton (I went camping there years ago)

  2. I haven't, no. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to horror films I'm afraid. I just can't seem to appreciate the finer points of a good disemboweling. I endured several zombie flicks in my early teens - the only one that I slightly enjoyed was Brain Dead. Not sure I'd really want to watch it again though.