Saturday, 19 December 2009

The fuckest uppest

Easing myself into the festive season: part two in a series of posts featuring Kalashnikov rifles and the word motherfucker. Without doubt my favourite album title ever is "Dial M for Motherfucker" by those most highly regarded and unlistenable scenesters Pussy Galore.

I think I probably heard "Dick Johnson" and took it from there. There are four good things about this album: the title, the sleeve, the track I've posted, and the condition of the vinyl - which is excellent because I never play it. To be fair Jon Spencer did come good with his eponymous Blues Explosion, at least on the album "Orange". Despite my experience with "Dial M" I'm still interested in hearing their take on "Exile on Main St". This track sounds a bit Stonesy I think.

Pussy Galore: Hang On


  1. I used to be quite a big fan of the JSBX in the day, so I became aware of PG by working backwards.

    Funny enough, Dial M was not the original choice for the title of that album, it was "Make Them All Eat Shit Slowly" !!! Really!!

    Have never managed to find that 'Exile' album, have you got it?


  2. They were all charm weren't they? No, about the album. I was bidding on it once but the end of the auction co-incided with my commute.

    Just checked, there's one on e-bay now as it happens. I do find it galling when the postage is higher than the item price though.

  3. blimey, is it that cheap then??! I always thought it was a rare thang that would cost a fortune! Wasn't it a cassette only jobby??

  4. Fab. I always likes Pussy Galore although, in truth, it was probably for the same reasons as you - i.e. not exactly the music. Plus they were less bothered by any notions of authenticity that haunted JSBX. Merry christmas.

  5. Piley - Sorry for slow reply - I've been absolutely flattened by a cold (that and my parents don't have broadband). I was under the impression that it was 10" vinyl - might be wrong. Price wise you're right, they must be out of fashion at the moment. And Merry Christmas!

    Charles - Merry Christmas! I watched an interview with Jon Spencer the other day - he came across as quite...patrician, but he seemed very relaxed about how he earned his living.

    Drew - Merry Christmas to you too.