Sunday, 3 January 2010

Brave new year

Thank God that's all over with for another year. I love the run up to the festive period but by about the 25th I feel as though I'm wading through molasses and by January 1st I can usually be found squirming about under the covers wishing for nothing but a quick death. Good bits? The in-laws experience was as claustrophobic as ever but at least driving over the snow covered Pennines to get there (average speed: 20 mph) was beautiful. Oh, and I got a nice Nasa tee shirt.

All in all it was a great relief to get back to my frozen flat, order a pizza and then on the way to the shops to fetch a pint of milk pop into the pub for a pint to accompany the last of my New Year's Eve cigarettes. Next year I think I'll stay in London.


  1. It seems you had an as jolly Christmas as it's possible to have (for me that will say). I love to see a fine scenery from a car widow. And, yes.
    The city is a relief, isn't it?

  2. I didn't want to be quite so down on it but Chrimbo's been going downhill at an alarming rate since I hit my thirties. It'd probably be better if I adjusted my behaviour - I've been celebrating in much the same way since I was sixteen. Time to get sensible I think.