Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Hurrah! It's snowed loads and I haven't had to go into work today. This is one of the easiest post New Year comedowns ever. Looking out of the window last night I noticed that some tykes had written their names in the snow on the cars. Quite often when I tell people where I live they say "Oh, that's posh" to which I modestly and truthfully reply: "Not the bit I live in". But I don't know, the names on the cars were Felix and Margot.


  1. The worth of a man is known by the quality of the graffiti on his car.

  2. Hello Crow,

    I've turned your aphorism over in my mind and I'm not sure I see the truth in it. But then I would say that - someone drew a big cock in the frost on my windscreen the other night. That'd be bad, right?

  3. I sometimes draw things on cars too becasue im up so early so no one sees me. I think it's a bit compulsary. mapybe I should get some help for it. it's mnuns 14 celcius in Sweden now. but I think it'äs nice you know that you're alive.

  4. At college I used to wake up hours before anyone else - I took up crossword puzzles.

    It's been down to minus 16 in London I think, I know I woke up at 2.30am the other night cos I was shivering so hard - it took a hot water bottle and the donning of a cardigan and some hiking socks before I was warm enough to get back to sleep.

    Tap dancing by the way - I'm impressed.

  5. You can buy an extra radiotor. Thats one good thing with sweden. We have good radfiotors. I was in England once and we have good radiotors.

    We are good at different things. I think England is better in other things. Like music and clothes and culture. We have betetr roads. in Sweden perhaps. I was cold when I was in England. We are better prepeared in Enland. you might not get so horrible winters where you live. I guess its more interesting with the thingi you're better at but it's nice with radioters in winter. I don't care a bout roads however.

  6. If you don't care about roads you'd love it here - they're fucked. You're there so you'd know about the clothes but I think Swedish music is pretty good.