Monday, 12 July 2010

Here, there and everywhere

I had one of those falling into place musical moments the other day - somewhere out there I was listening to a version of Angel of the Morning by Evie Sands. I'd always assumed the Joya Landis (I had to check) version was the original but I should have realised by now, there's no such thing as an original reggae version of a song.

As I listened I knew that I'd heard Evie's vocals before and after a few minutes of pondering reached for Sonic Sounds for Subterraneans and there she was, side 3 track 1, I Can't Let Go. Possibly my favourite track on there, and that's saying something. I really can't recommend that compilation highly enough.

Evie Sands: I Can't Let Go

Obviously this all merited further investigation and it turns out she did the original version of Anyway That You Want Me, that she was surprisingly white and impossibly beautiful, and that I should probably buy The Red Bird Story.

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