Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pretty much your standard ranch stash

A few years ago I bought The Everly Brothers Roots on the strength of a very brief mention by Bob Stanley of its version of I Wonder If I'll Care As Much. According to Bob this version floated by on a cloud of feedback. The Everlys and feedback - I though that sounded like it could be good. Sadly it's a bit dull. But Roots is still worth having - the brothers look pretty cool on the cover. Turn Around is probably the best thing on it and the sleeve notes led me to its writer's own band, The Beau Brummels and the excellent Bradley's Barn.

I was burned quite recently by Phil's Star Spangled Springer, lured into buying what is in truth a fairly bland album by such an excellent cover. I'll probably keep hold of it if only for the cover and maybe the track Poisonberry Pie. Once albums are in the collection I find it hard to deselect them (on vinyl anyway, I'm more ruthless with cds). I think I've only got rid of three vinyl lps - a Roky Erickson solo effort that had loads of terrible synthesizer noises on it, Hawkwind's Text of the Festival (what the fuck was I on?) and Shuggy Otis's alleged masterpiece Inspiration Information.

Anyway, the Everly Brothers. They were the first band I saw live. Not long after their eighties reconcilliation. A very good show - incredibly loud renditions of all the hits and some droll between song banter. They even managed to restrain themselves from smashing guitars over each others heads.

The Everly Brothers: I Wonder If I Care As Much

The Everly Brothers: Turn Around

The Beau Brummels: Love Can Fall A Long Way Down

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