Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ad astra

I've been having a great run in secondhand book shops recently, the highlight of which has been Spacecraft 2000-2100AD. It was in the window at Oxfam, I had it when I was a kid, I went in and asked: £3.99. How could I resist?

It's a load of sci-fi book cover illustrations gathered together with a narrative spun around them. My favourite back then was the TDA 107C Partisan and I think it probably still is. Published in 1978 its timeline is on the verge of looking a bit ridiculous - work is due to start on Mars Station by 2012. And we'd better get a wiggle on if we're to perfect the warp generator by 2027. But you never know.

Inevitably there's a website dedicated to it now and you can buy mugs, a tee-shirt and little models of the spaceships are planned. I was most intrigued to see that there had been follow up books which I never knew about when I was a kid - Spacewreck: Ghost Ships and Derelicts of Space looks cool.


  1. I don't recall this book, but I definitely remember Spacewreck. I've kicked myself ever since I didn't buy the copy I saw in Brighton's Oxfam a few year back.

  2. I feel your pain. I hadn't looked but just had a quick glance now - slightly eye-watering on Amazon but a reasonable chance on eBay. Not for me though, I've had my spends for this month and if I buy another book about spaceships my wife will shout at me.