Monday, 13 September 2010

Clarks for the winter

I bought these beauties the other day. I missed them in the sale but when I went to buy them they fetched some out of the back and only charged me the sale price anyway. Absolutely made my day. My love of Clarks shoes has been a source of amusement to several of my acquaintances over the years, especially at work for some reason. I suppose they do look a bit like two great big Cornish pasties.

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  1. Sensible shoes, as my mother would say. Do they have a compass in the sole? Or was that Tuf?

  2. I don't remember Tuf. But, yes, I think my mother also would approve of these shoes. She's very sensible. I bought one of those things to cover food in the microwave the other day (a splatter platter) and I thought I must tell mum, she'll be delighted.

  3. I haven't worn Clarkes since Infants School - had a couple of great pairs with patterns on the soles animal track prints on one pair, moon rock on the other.

    Have you checked Josef Seibel (The European Comfort Shoe)? I grabbed my first pair in the summer sale. Supremely luscious , you'll find them in Neil Street. Just five min's from Forbidden Planet in Shaftsbury Ave

  4. I remember getting some Clarks when I was very young, like about three or something. They were blue.

    Later I can't remember any particular shoes, but I used to drag my poor mum around literally every shoe shop in Sheffield. And then ask for the first pair I'd tried on.

    I think I prefer a slightly more organic looking shoe, but I agree Neal Street is shoe central. Did you go to the Natural Shoe Store? I tried to do a link but it didn't work - check out the Komodo Free Tibet Royal there, it's a protest shoe. Cool.

  5. 'cornish pasties' is exactly what we called them at school. And Polyvelts were 'pork pies'.

    1. these were the height of fashion back in the day....we called them bridies...scottish eqvilant of pasties

  6. The food angle's funny, I nearly mentioned in the post a sign they used to have up in Pret. It showed two baguettes with laces in them. I used to stare at it thinking, "Hmm, I'd wear those."

  7. I've got something very similar Davy, but mine are cruelly pointed. For when I'm feeling sinister. Or weddings.