Friday, 25 February 2011

Buzz feeling

Inspired by the general reggae goings on around Reggae Britannia (which I didn't watch) and by an article I read yesterday about Rastamouse, here is one of my favourite reggae tunes. Though is it reggae? It's very slow - but it's Bob Marley produced by Lee Perry, so it must be reggae.

Weirder than your average though, it certainly seems to be the odd one out on my copy of The Best of Bob Marley 1968 - 1972 on which it's credited to B. Marley - the most rudimentary of searches reveals the writer in fact to be Glen Adams. Over the years I've probably spent a few minutes pondering the meaning of the lyrics. I can't remember if I'd come to any conclusions, but if I had they were wrong.

Bob Marley Mr Brown


  1. It's got Perry's fingerprints all over it. Didn't see Reg Brit but did catch BBC4's Stevie Winwood spesh last night. Great film. There was a clip where he switched on his trusty Hammond and was waiting for it to warm up - the very antithesis of how we all live our lives today.

  2. You mean modern life's a bit of a frantic rush? I'm as guilty as the next man. I remember dashing down to a tube platform and being absolutely outraged when I saw the next train would be in seven minutes time. And I just can't do that slow food thing - I always wolf my food down.

    But I did buy an old fashioned camera the other day. I'm still getting used to having to take a whole film's worth of pictures and then waiting for them to be developed before I can see any of the images.

  3. I've written a couple of letters recently. That was very therapeutic. Since the move I'm also making lots of bread (and I mean lots of bread - watch this blog for details) and I've just got a new pair of walking boots. Help! I'm turning into my dad.

  4. I've got the two massive hurdles of rugby union and jazz to clear before I turn into my dad.