Monday, 28 February 2011


Moving chronologically forward into the realm of dub, a couple of things from Tunes from the Missing Channel. Despite being a classic this album seems to have dropped off the map a bit. Well, it's not available digitally in any of the usual places. "One of the most upfront dub albums ever recorded" pontificated one of my friends at the time. He was not wrong. It's all very good but here's side one, track one - I'm not sure what the instrument is that comes in at 41 seconds but if you've had a couple of hot knives and you're playing it loud enough, it might just rip your head off. I imagine it'll have quite a nice effect on your graphic equalizer as well.

Dub Syndicate Ravi Shankar Pt1

Side one, track two is This Show is Coming which, much as I love it, is showing its age a bit due to some overly snazzy keyboards. So I've ruthlessly swapped it for a younger model - a version from Pay It All Back Volume 2 featuring Lee Scratch Perry spouting his inimitable cosmological, messianic stuff over the top of it. Rather a long intro, the track proper kicks in at 57 seconds.

Lee Scratch Perry Train to Doomsville


  1. Top stuff Sir
    Swiss Adam

  2. Also excellent is Time Boom X De Devil Dead, a full on collaboration between Perry and the Dub Syndicate. It uses some similar sounds but with tonnes more of Lee Perry on top, "Roast bake, chocolate shape, abracadabra, flame and fire" etc. They sit next to each other in my record collection.

  3. I love a bit of dub, I do.

  4. I like the albums I've mentioned very much, but I think those are the only ones I've got (apart from an Augustus Pablo album I never listen to).

  5. "North Of the River Thames"..I love that album..."Tunes From The Missing Channel" is fantastic though - found a copy in a charity shop recently...well chuffed :)

  6. Hello there, thanks for stopping by. I've never heard of North of the River Thames, I'll have to give it a listen.

    And yes, I'd be chuffed if I found anything of the calibre of Tunes From The Missing Channel in a charity shop. I've not had much luck on that front recently, a decent 12" of Jack The Groove, the B52s first album...