Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bad case of the snakes

Dan Sartain was possibly the last act I got into through hearing on MTV. Off the back of Walk Among the Cobras I bought his first album and then his second when that came out. Both are excellent.

Dan Sartain Walk Among The Cobras

I don't know why it occurred to me to post this now, I certainly didn't know he had a new album coming out. But he has and the first single off it is called Fuck Friday, Fuck Saturday, Fuck Sunday. It's 58 seconds long and is a work of utter genius, single-handedly rendering the Ramones' entire back catalogue redundant. I especially like the line about the barbecue.
Listen here.

I promise I have not been bought by One Little Indian.


  1. We saw Dan a couple of years back when he supported and, at the same time (you had to be there) was part of The Nightmarchers - Speedo aka John Reiss' latest power combo. We spoke to Dan (and John) after the gig and he was a lovely fella: a cross between Steve Buscemi and Alice Cooper. No surprise that Dan only wanted to talk about Alice Cooper (the band) and John didn't really want to dwell on Rocket From The Crypt. I love Dan's version of Besamo Mucho. But then I would, wouldn't I?

  2. I've tried and failed at least twice to cajole friends into going to see him live - I don't get it, you've only got to listen to a snippet of his stuff to know he'll be brilliant. So I'm a bit jealous.

    Besame mucho? I'm afraid to say I normally skip that track. Putting taste to one side I'm not sure I know why it appeals to you so much (I feel as though I've not been paying attention) - is it the Beatles connection?

  3. Probably one of the few times during the Get Back sessions (out of which came Let It Be) that Macca and Lennon got on.