Monday, 28 March 2011

More twee vicar?

Dead Jazzmen, unhinged rockabilly, French sci fi comic illustrations and dub reggae - time, perhaps, for something of a more obvious beauty.

Magpahi. Probably at the top of the list of artists that I want to see play live. The main draw is her voice, but also the interesting instruments: xylophone, recorder, harmonium (or variations on). I posted her song Seed a while back. Brisk and a little bit twee (it contains the phrase,"not even a small bumble bee"). I don't mind twee and I love that track but it took me a while to follow it up with her six track ep - mainly, I think, because I thought it was only available as a download. Anyway, this is from that.

Magpahi Horses In The Night


  1. One for sorrow, two for joy

    That's brightened up my Monday afternoon no end. Thank you A. If memory serves, it was your post a while back that got me into Fabienne. You've got good taste. But then again, you probably knew that already.

  2. Cheers John, that's what it's all about really isn't it? Hearing (or seeing) something good and telling other people about it. I hope you've checked out the rest of the ep? I nearly posted Spinning Wheel.