Tuesday, 1 January 2013

No evolution without resolution

As I was not out last night and not making a right tit of myself, there isn't quite the same impetus for New Years resolutions as usual. This year I think I'll probably make do with the perennial: To be a mensch.

Last year I made at least three resolutions, but such was my dedication and determination I can't even remember what two of them were. The one I do remember was: To read the Canterbury Tales. And do you know what? I did. Well, several bits of it anyway. Far more important than having read the whole thing is the fact that I've enjoyed very much what I've read so far. Which pretty much guarantees I'll polish it off at some point.

While I was reading it I remembered that I had a recording of some of it (in Middle English). So I gave it a spin, it's great. It reminded me strongly of the talking bits in Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. I suppose if this was any kind of a proper MP3 blog I'd give you a blast, with a snippet of ONGF for comparison. I might get round to it. I've got to do some ripping for one of the round the world posts.


  1. Every year I vow to learn a second language. And every year I think this'll be the year. D'oh!

  2. Oh, same here John, German for me. A couple of years ago I came very close to booking a place on one of those immersion courses in Heidelberg. But the missus vetoed the idea. You really need to talk whatever language regularly and as it happens Twickenham has more than its fair share of Germans (for some reason), I'm just too shy to march over to them and barge into their conversations.

  3. Italian and/or Spanish pour moi. I've got the tapes and everything.