Sunday, 28 April 2013

More cafes

The other day I set out to take some books back to Whitton library, but due to a local event the car park was full, so I drove around searching for alternative parking. And this is how I discovered secret Whitton. I returned there today on foot. Originally I thought I'd only stumbled on a decent looking pub (the White Hart). Then I realised there were a couple of cafes there as well. My eye was first caught by the highly intriguing Dick's Triangle Cafe. This is that most excellent of things - a ghost caff!

Peering through the net curtains you can tell the chairs were put up on the tables years ago. A tea towel folded and laid over the counter one closing time, obviously they expected to come back in the next day. But for whatever reason it was not to be. The Marie Celeste of caf├ęs. I'd put money on there being a copy of the Sun or the Mail in there, it'd be interesting to see the date on it. 

Anyway, back to the land of the living. The other cafe, Sam's cafe, is quite small but they've arranged nine formica tables with bolted on plastic seats very sensibly. It was empty when we walked in but filled up over thirty minutes or so, mainly with little, bald, fat men. The food, while not exceptional, was good. Another sausage would have helped balance the abundance of chips you see up there. Next time I'll specify two sausages. The place is done out in blue tiles (an Islamic influence?) which gives it a chilly vibe. This is only partially remedied by the slightly forlorn prints of Istanbul that adorn the walls. We sat under a good one of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge.

Whitton high street does okay for greasy spoons actually; the Whitton Cafe (I think it's called) which I would grade as okay, and the Golden Grill which is, all things considered, probably the best. Lighting not too bright, some nice exposed brick decor. I always go for the corner that has an accumulation of potted plants. And it's open till midnight. A bit unnecessary for my purposes, but it's nice to have somewhere that doesn't shut at 3 o'clock.

But Sam's gets extra points for serendipity. And its location. It's very near Kneller Hall. that was another surprise a year or so ago, I was driving along (having got into the wrong lane coming back from the Royal Mail depot) and I clocked that rather impressive building. I parked up and got out to investigate. Noticed a pub on that occasion too, the Duke of Cambridge. Still not been in.


  1. Yup. Definitely needs another sausage.

  2. Or fewer chips maybe?

    No, no, sorry - don't know what came over me there.

  3. A mere ten years too late! It's interesting that there's no graffiti on the shop front in its abandoned state. Maybe it's no fun if you're not tormenting someone with it?

  4. An excellent post. cafes are part of the lifeblood of this country and should be written about and re-viewed more often

  5. Eggsbaconchipsandbeans was one of the first blogs I ever read I think, before I really knew what blogs were. I mention any half decent ones I find, especially if they're tucked away on a side street. To be honest I haven't found a really amazing one for absolutely ages - The River Cafe over in Putney probably, and I didn't blog about that because it's pretty famous already. Before that it would probably have been a place in Porthmadog a couple of years ago. I took photos and everything but it jut never got written. It was the coziest cafe ever.