Monday, 8 April 2013


I was caught unprepared for Thatch's death today. The plan had always been to crack open a bottle of champagne. However, our emergency bottle of champagne was whisked off to a friend's engagement party a couple of weeks ago and hadn't been replaced. 

So I marched down to my local and had a couple of pints. You might think that these could be construed as the actions of one who admired the late baroness and I suppose they could. But that was not my intention. The idea was not to exult in an individual's death, she was, after all, a mother. The ritual quaffing of drink was instead just my small gesture against the oncoming tsunami of bollocks in the media, a definite rejection of the idea that she should be granted any sort of special funeral, and that I do not sign up at all to the idea that Mrs Thatcher was a good thing.


  1. Tsunami of bollocks sums it up for me. Rewriting of history might be another summing up.

  2. I think that history will have been re-written when Maggie isn't viewed as the saviour of the nation. I was shocked on moving south to meet actual Tories (even though psephologically I knew that these people had to exist), but I'd always assumed that their narrative was dominant.

  3. Was Arthur Scargill in there propping the bar up?

  4. I wasn't up in Sheffield you know. I was on my guard slightly, but there wasn't much talk in the pub. I caught one comment, fairly dismissive.

    I can't believe that they won't try and get a comment out of Scargill. I wonder what state he's in.