Friday, 10 May 2013

New feature random words

Car crash Carlos - he sounds like an amusing fellow.
Exploring Fabienne Delsol - I wish.
Jazz Jesus & Mary Chain - the direction they should have taken after Darklands.
Weird war Welsh Wendy - doesn't mean anything, I just like the sound of it.
Flook folk music - like sweet soul music but hairier.


  1. Hi, just popped in via Davy H blog and had to comment on your last 2 lovely updates. I always used to consider the Jay a rare treat myself but a couple of years ago I was staying with the Davy Hs and opened the blind in the morning not so far from your manor I suspect, to see no less than 5 Jays in a small tree in his urban back garden. Next thing, please dont hoover up spiders, however scary, they wont hurt you, promise. and finally, beetles ROCK! the best one I ever saw was in France. I HEARD it first, from a first floow window overlooking a road, heard a clacking noise and looked out to see a large beetley thing crossing the road in a very noisy fashion. I think it was a special one, but time fades the memory. cheers for now!

  2. Hello Lila, and thank you, someone who understands about beetles. I am trying to make my peace with the spiders. I haven't seen any for a while actually, they must be avoiding me.