Thursday, 15 August 2013


Another series, likely to blaze a similar trail to Beermat of the Month and Alphabetically Around the World. This one is Songs That Are 2 Minutes 9 Seconds Long. Started because I noticed recently that two songs I really like are that length. In this digital age it would be easy I suppose to filter tracks by duration. But I consider that cheating and shall rely solely on chance discovery. Expect part 2 tomorrow and part 3 sometime in 2015 maybe.

You remember ages ago Drew and Davy H did a top ten pop songs ever? I left my list in the comments. I did write a post giving some explanation behind my choices, but, by the time it was drafted the moment had passed and it remains unpublished. Anyway, in the course of writing it I discovered the following important ingredients of pop:

i) originality
ii) simplicity
iii) brevity (reduces the chance of boredom)
iv) distortion (it's got to be a bit fucked up)
v) emotional torment (it's got to be a bit fucked up)
vi) harpsichords (add a touch of class)

All the entries in this series will tick the brevity box, this opening entry also kicks things off with some mild emotional torment.

The Shangri Las Heaven Only Knows


  1. LOLZ. I've got 26 songs of that duration in iTunes (I cheated and did a Smart Playlist). I've chosen this* one for you today, because you've been a good boy. Carry on.

    *annoyingly, it's 2:06 on YouTube, so I must have three seconds of what we used to call 'static' at the start of mine

  2. Arrrgggghhh! A smart playlist. Though it's encouraging to hear that there are plenty of 2.09 songs out there. I really have only encountered two.

  3. I've got over 50 coming in at that, it's a bit of a soul timing. My pick for tomorrow would be Just Out Of Reach

  4. I was sure there was a track on Psychocandy that was 2.09, Taste The Floor I think I was thinking. But no.

  5. 2.09 you say...

  6. I'm very, very slowly discovering the Clash. I know you'll be horrorstruck by this admission. Loads more where that came from: I've never watched One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, never read Catch 22, or On The Road or Wuthering Heights.The list goes on and on...

  7. Never read Catch 22 either. I would love to be just discovering the Clash. I played London Calling on Tuesday all the way through for the first time in ages, it is still brilliant.