Friday, 28 February 2014

Remembrance of tracks past

Many things occurred in the time I spent away from the blog: we loved and lost a hamster, I bought a cuckoo clock, I saw Pete Molinari at that gig in St Pancras Old Church and plenty more besides. Just lots and lots of stuff, one item of which was that I discovered the second of the long lost tracks that I mentioned in the original lost long tracks post. I described it as a dub track that sounded, "quaintly science fiction spacey with a very tight whirring noise running through it". It was this. Having found it I feel strangely un-jubilant.


  1. How was Pete Molinari? I really like him but have yet to see him live.

  2. Btw - I get that feeling quite often when I track down something I have been searching for for a while, The oh well, what's next never quite satisfied feeling.

  3. He was brilliant, he started with Love Lies Bleeding and followed it with I Don't Like The Man That I Am and then played something else very good, but can't think what it was. He was most amusing between songs as well, I'd have been quite happy to sit there and listen to him natter on. It was a small crowd (two clumps of 35 seats and a few people stood at the back), I don't think he'll be selling out stadiums any time soon but try to see him in a similarly intimate venue.

    Drew - glad to hear it. More slightly off kilter reggae coming up next I think. And after that maybe a track that I recently discovered and which I've a feeling I heard a version of on the radio and have hankered after - but I'm not as certain it's the same track as I am with U Roy here.