Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The amazing technicolour dream flag

As I've said before somewhere I hope that Scotland does vote for independence, because I think there's a reasonable chance that the Scots will create a fairer society that will lay bare the lie that there's no viable alternative to the policies pursued by the three main parties in the UK.

And now the prospect is made all the more enticing by the opportunity for a new flag. So far I'm massively into that one up there. The Union Jack is a pretty good flag design-wise but, you know, traditions are there to be smashed into tiny little pieces and reassembled in groovy new forms.

And while we're tinkering with the constitution of the country why don't we get rid of the monarchy? Then we'll have all the fun of picking a new national anthem. My vote is for All You Need Is Love.


  1. Does the black signify Alex Salmond's Black Gold? If Scotland gain independence where does that leave football managers plying their trade south of the border?

  2. I swear that if Scotland gains independence I will spend there my retirement years (hoping that some Scottish bloggers and readers won't change their mind because of that affirmation). As a new national anthem, may I suggest a vocal-less orchestral arrangement of 'Partyfearstwo'?

  3. John - I too wondered where they'd got the black from, and the yellow for that matter. I know nothing about football, but I naively believe that teams should be far more home grown. That doesn't extend to managers though.

    Luca - I don't really think it'll happen this time round (I'm going to put a tenner on a yes vote though), but if it does and England subsequently returns nothing but Tory governments, then I will flee north. But I'm hoping that a successful, left of centre government in Scotland will halt the rightward drift of the UK. Don't know the tune - is it the Associates?

  4. Yes. I'd simply love to hear an orchestral reworking of that song. And they were Scottish so it would make sense.

  5. It's amazing. I do like the Union Jack, but it's so 19th century. When it comes down to it, what do we actually need flags for in this day and age? We should just change it for fun.

    Luca - oh, I meant the anthem for England (& Wales, presuming they don't bugger off as well). I don't know what Scotland's new anthem should be - if only we knew a Scotsman with views on music...

    1. My fault. Must read posts more carefully ..
      I think I should add that my comments should be taken with a pinch of salt: I would not dream of giving a definitive opinion on a topic as complex as the independence of a nation, given that from where I write I do not have anywhere near the ability to have an adequate knowledge of the problem.

  6. The whole blog should be taken with a grain of salt Luca.

  7. That flag certainly looks like fun! Oh for what could have been!