Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lesser spotted lighthouse

This summer we returned to Somerset. I was dismissive last year of Watchet lighthouse, clocking in as it does at a mere 22 ft. A glorified pepper pot. However, I decided I might as well go and take a look and was mildly won over. It's not a bad little lighthouse, though it's not really a lighthouse.

The harbour walls (which seemed very high to me) were, here and there, eroded in a most interesting way. Very alien-looking I thought, and well worth a photograph.


  1. You shouldn't miss this one: Although we've been many times to Genoa, and despite the fact that it's known as 'the Lighthouse city', to my astonishment, until recently my wife didn't even know it existed.

  2. That's a mother of a lighthouse. I don't know Genoa, but it seems inconceivable that you could go there and somehow overlook it; lighthouses being, by their very nature, highly conspicuous. Anyway, northern Italy is very high on the list of places I will get to one of these days and Genoa has just leapfrogged onto the itinerary.

    Reading in your link that the Laterna is the third oldest I obviously had to check out the oldest two - the Tower of Hercules is slightly mind-blowing, though I'm suspicious of the renovations at the end of the 18th century. It'd be interesting to see images of it from before then.