Sunday, 12 August 2012

Art space continuum

The latest release from Spacemen 3. Its arrival on our doormat yesterday prompted some eye rolling from my wife, "Just look at it as an investment", I protested. It probably would be too, if only I didn't keep playing it. I'm not posting the music, just the sleeve art. Beautiful isn't it? Reminds me of this.

Other thanTransparent Radiation and Playing With Fire, I don't find their sleeves that inspiring, in fact the sleeve for my favourite album, the Perfect Prescription, is laughably bad.  But, I'm on a mailing list and a bit back they (every member of Spacemen 3 bar Jason Pierce) played a gig in Hoxton to promote an exhibition of Natty Brooker's artwork which included some of their sleeves.

The alert went out on the day of the show and I read about it at about the time it was taking place. I was a bit pissed off about that. However, in a slightly bizarre twist I did get to see the artwork. The thing in London was the penultimate show in an itinerary that had taken in Berlin, Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Glasgow.  So far, so hip.  The last show was in Sheffield and, by fluke, on a day that I was due to be up there.  Much as I love the place it seemed a slightly incongruous finale.

Anyway, I drove out to the sleepy suburb of Totley and eventually found the gallery.  It was full of watercolours of poppies and other Jack Vettriano-type stuff.  I thought I must have got the wrong place, but I hadn't seen any other, more psychedelic looking galleries on the high street. A young, pleasant but totally not into it assistant guided me to a shed in the back where I found Natty's pictures haphazardly propped up against the walls.  I've probably spent too long going on about this, but I just found it so weird. Like, why Totley?


  1. I is a good single, not to,sure about the split coloured vinyl, it looks a bit cheap.

  2. A new release!!! From Spacemen 3!!! I didn't know they were still making music.

    We used to follow them around back in the day. My premier teenage moment was realising that Jason and Sonic were standing behind me in the queue at a newsagents in Camden. Be still, my beating heart.

    I did love the cover of the Perfect Prescription, though it looked like they'd knocked it up with some pritt stick and wrapping paper in their bedroom. Ah, happy days!

  3. Drew - Yeah, it'd look better if it was one or the other colour, or if they'd been mixed together in a swirly pattern. But, it's still more fun than a CD.

    The music? I really like it. I think it's been available before hasn't it? I'd not heard it though. It's artifacts like this that really make me want to start a record label.

    Annie - The occasional singles/compilations are just things from the vaults I think. They split up a year or two after I got into them, but no gigs cropped up in that time. Perhaps just not outside of London?

    I've complained before (somewhere) that I never see pop stars despite living in London. I did see Holly Golightly once (the Billy Childish protege, not Audrey Hepburn), but I kept my cool. I think the only pop star that I'd have to approach if I saw him would be Keef. I don't know what I'd say, but just I'd have to say something. I'm sure it would be excruciating.

    I like the pattern and the lettering on the album sleeve, but Sonic's jumper just ruins it for me I'm afraid.

  4. Artog - I'm pretty sure that it's a demo version of That's Just Fine.

    I must say tha it's pretty good value at £4.99 for a limited single but then again it isn't a RSD release.

  5. Oh I agree, it's just that I've been slightly profligate lately, we've got our holidays coming up and this was nearly the 7" single that broke the camel's back.