Friday, 10 August 2012

Thai beat

From the excellent Thai Funk Vol 1.  This is track one, side one and my favourite track on the album.  Those opening four strums of the guitar, I think I could probably listen to that noise over and over for....quite a while (with the rhythm second playing in the background of course).

The rest of the album is far more disco and quite a bit weirder, tracks that stand out being cover versions of Funky TownRasputinAnother Brick in the Wall and an original track the title of which translates as May You Die In A Hail Of Bullets, or something like that.

Researching the post I discovered that the track should be credited to Louise Kennedy rather than Louis Kennedy and that it's basically a retread of Green Onions.  So I wonder just how authentically Thai the whole thing is.

Louise Kennedy Pu Yai Lee (Chief Lee)


  1. I am the artist who recorded "PuYai Lee" with a group called the "Sonics" in 1965. The song is a popular folk song that was reworked. We were able to accommodate the Thai language as well as the lyrics easily using "Green Onions". It was and continues to be a poplar rendition of the original folk song. Thanks for your interest. LEK.

  2. Wow, thanks for dropping by LEK. Apologies for not replying sooner, I've been on holiday.

    The Sonics as in Have Love Will Travel?

  3. Google "The Sonics and Puyai Lee". You will find their picture and other songs that they recorded. We all went to high school together in Bangkok in the '60's ! LEK