Saturday, 15 December 2012

Requiescat in space*

This arrived today, it's Trevor Henderson's depiction of Major Tom's probable fate.  Think I might get it framed for Christmas. After death by quicksand death by shattered spacesuit visor was probably that which most preoccupied my morbid nine year old mind. Looking it up, outer space isn't actually that bad for you. It's the lack of air mainly.

*Tortured by the thought of any passing Latinists: I realise that pace is not pronounced to rhyme with space, but it looks good.


  1. Dara O'Briain did say you'd boil and explode the other week, so now I'm confused.

    Is Major Tom coming home?

  2. He's an amusing and erudite man, but I'd put my money on what the guys at NASA say on this one. But I agree, the disparity is a worry.

    Personally I've always assumed Major Tom met a cold, horrible death. Bit soppy all this coming home business, stiff upper lip man - that's what's required.

  3. "...theory predicts - and animal experiments confirm - that otherwise, exposure to vacuum causes no immediate injury."

    Poor animals, though.

  4. I suppose so. At least the Russians used to give them medals.

  5. Maybe one day the papers will want to know whose shirts I wear.

  6. Hopefully without you getting into as dramatic a pickle as Major Tom. Will your wardrobe stand up to media scrutiny? In the shirt dept mine lacks consistency I feel, a right old mish mash. If I were in a fix, with the world's media looking on, wanting to know, I'm not sure what I'd say.