Monday, 3 June 2013


There are a few countries that begin with U, mainly due to the popularity and importance of the word United in this matter. Perhaps a bit predictably it was always going to be the USA that occupied this alphabetical slot. Obviously I hate America's imperialistic warmongering and brutal promotion of free market fundamentalism as much as the next whining commie limey, but it would be foolish to deny that the Great Satan has produced most of the greatest music of the twentieth century.

Rather than rack my brains for hours and hours over the hundreds of bands/songs I was going to go for the first band that popped into my head when I thought: American Band! And that was The Velvet Underground, but who needs that? I'll probably post a few tracks, but I'll start with Margo Guryan.

Her album kept popping up a few years ago and I had a listen but it didn't really grab me. Then the other day I heard her album of demos (25 Demos) and it was the most wonderful music ever. Strange isn't it, how that happens.

Anyway, according to wikipedia, Margo was totally into Max Roach etc. and then Bam!! someone played her Pet Sounds and she packed in that jazz noise and took effortlessly to pop.  I find the story refreshing. As is the fact that the winsome Margo was once married to a trombonist. There's hope for us all.

Margo Guryan The 8:17 Northbound Success Merry Go Round 

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