Sunday, 14 March 2010


St Etienne will never be my favourite band but they have done some lovely songs. I'm sure I was drawn to this by the sleeve (ripped off from some continental soap powder box I think I read somewhere). In keeping with tradition I bought the 7" single and far prefer the b side.
St Etienne: People Get Real

I was looking them up and saw that they've redone "Foxbase Alpha" as "Foxbase Beta". Good title, but they've changed the placard girl. She's not as cuddly.


  1. You're right the b side is much better, it's the only side I play.

    On Friday night after one too many gins I decided that my life would be enhanced by 's owning St Etienne's ultra rare Boxette and proceeded to put what I now realize was a rather daft bid but felt perfectly reasonable at the time.

    With 3 days still to go I'm beginning to regret it as I don't think that anyone will outbid me. It's not as if I don't have the tracks as I've got the collection digitally. But it looks as if I'm going to have to shell out a small fortune on a less than essential purchase.

    Let that be a lesson to everyone, alcohol and ebay don't mix.

  2. I had to go and have a look and yes, that's quite a bold bid there. As you say, a lesson to us all. Then again, stone cold sober I bid to quite a height for the "Transparent Radiation" ep and I only ever look at it from time to time - as if I'd ever defile its grooves with a jagged stylus.

  3. I did the same with Fucked Up Inside a few years ago, and now you can get a copy for around 20 quid.

    I once bid £105 for a promo of the original LAGWAFIS, with the Elvis mix of the opening track to be outbid by £1.50, I was somewhat relieved.

  4. It sounds like you've got plenty of ebay form. I'll probably shell out for the re-issue at some point in the next few weeks.

  5. BTW - the seller pulled the boxset

  6. Is that a lucky escape? Or did it make you realise that you do really want it? There's nothing like being told you can't have something for that.

  7. The latter, Artog, I'm seriously pissed off at the seller, I think that he thought he was going to get a fortune for it and the lack of interest apart from moi made him pull it. I was of a mind to send him a rather stern email but it is his prerogative, i suppose.