Wednesday, 24 March 2010


From time to time I ponder the question: who does Rock 'n' Roll the best? The British or the Americans? Certainly America got off to a head start with Little Richard and Elvis, but bands such as The Who, The Stones and Led Zeppelin make the issue far from clear cut.

In the end though I think it's the American ability (not to say inclination) to perform a set in nothing but a pair of snazzy blue underpants that shows where the true spirit of Rock 'n' Roll resides. That and a more intuitive way with horn sections.

King Khan & The Shrines: 69 Faces of Love


  1. But why is that the people who perform in their underpants are always the people one least wishes to see in their underpants? I blame Iggy Pop and the like. Put it away mate.

  2. Iggy Pop and Lux Interior - both quite scary dudes, I suppose it's just one of those things a rock and roll animal has to do.

    It doesn't work in the same way for attractive young women. Not sure why not. P.J. Harvey was a little bit scary in her bra, but I just felt sorry for Duffy.