Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shrive me

I don't drink that much these days, so hangovers aren't as common as they used to be but they are getting worse. My favourites are the ones where I wake up after three hours sleep still drunk. When this happens I'll have a cigarette with a cup of tea and sing along to some very loud music before putting on last night's clothes and going out into the drizzle* to look for a cooked breakfast.

My top giddy hangover tunes:

The Monks: Cuckoo

I first became aware of The Monks through The Fall's cover of "I Hate You" on "Extricate", still my favourite Fall album.

The Who: Boris The Spider

Dexy's Midnight Runners: Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply

"Searching For The Young Soul Rebels" is, along with The Pastel's "Sittin' Pretty", one of the only albums that I've got twice on vinyl. For some reason.

*I never have this kind of hangover when it's warm and sunny, the weather has to be a bit miserable.

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  1. The first time I had heard of the Monks was courtesy of MES as well. Mad as fuck!