Saturday, 20 March 2010

In Bob we trust

There used to be a photo gallery at the foot of Richmond Hill. Sometimes I'd gaze longingly through the window at the incredibly iconic portraits for sale within - massive ones of Bowie (the one with that big dog) and John Lennon and Yoko. A smaller and ever so slightly out of focus one of Brian Jones and Keith Richards strumming guitars at Redlands. But best of all one of Bob Dylan from around 1965. The only trouble was it was priced at £500 (or was it £1,000?). Far too much for the likes of me.

Not so long ago I bought a copy of "Bob's Greatest Hits" for not very much on ebay. It wasn't the tunes I was after but the poster there by Milton Glaser. I picked it up from the framing shop this morning and hung it on the living room wall.

The first Bob album I bought was "Highway 61 Revisited" on account of Jimi Hendrix's cover of "Like A Rolling Stone". I instantly preferred Bob's version (though I do love Hendrix's drawled comment about missing a verse). And then I remember reading somewhere that you'd have to be monk in the church of Dylan to prefer the original version of "All Along The Watchtower". But that's how it is for me.

Bob Dylan: All Along The Watchtower

Bob Dylan: She's Your Lover Now

A studio outtake, listen out for Bob saying "What?" as the band all trail off at the end. I just love it.

And Something Else

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