Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The twang's the thang

From Magic Alphabet a seventeen track album using only the humble jews harp (with a bit of tambourine sometimes). Like the tampura track I posted ages ago it's hard to believe such a simple instrument can make such an otherworldly and somehow futuristic sound. I know it's highly repetitious but I find it such a fascinating noise, conjuring up an image of a ravenous pan-dimensional worm gnawing away at the fabric of the universe. Just me? Anyway, a bit reminiscent of Spacemen 3's Suicide or, in places, some of your more minimal acid house (my favourite kind).

Daniel Higgs Cosmic Equinox

Still on Daniel Higgs but this time from the snappily titled Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot. A good one for the walk to work I used to find, stick with it for the all too brief stretch of chiming harmonics from 4'24"

Daniel Higgs Spectral Hues