Saturday, 28 May 2011

Campaign for real record shops

A while back I wrote of my joy at discovering a cafe in Kingston (the Eden Cafe, sadly now defunct). Fantastic though that experience was it was as nothing compared to finding, in the same town today, the Collectors Record Centre. A proper second hand record shop. It's been there twenty years apparently. I've been coming into Kingston for ages and had absolutely no idea. There ought to be a little directory or something.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hall of mirrors

The latest track that I'm playing to death, from the excellent Saigon Rock & Soul, Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968 - 1974. An album (and label) that brings home how vast an ocean of music there is out there.

Thanh Mai Long, Uneven Hair

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Le Top Cafe

I've been seeking out and visiting new greasy spoons on a fairly regular basis for the last few months, the only reason I haven't mentioned any of them is that none have been that great. Thinking back I should probably have given H's Cafe on Blackshaw Road in Tooting a write up, it was perfect as far as layout and decor go, and with a nice relaxing view of a graveyard - but the chips were a bit dry. With hindsight though I'd say it's a safe bet that I'll be popping in again whenever I'm over that way.

Anyway, my cafe dry spell well and truly came to an end today with a visit to The (or Le) Top Cafe on Richmond Road (on the run up to Richmond Bridge on the Middlesex side). I've been passing the place for years but never had the time to stop in the morning and it was always shut by the time I was heading back.

Above, my standard sausage, egg and chips - at first glance the chips look a bit soggy perhaps and they've done that weird sausage slicing thing. It was however extremely tasty.

As well as serving great grub it's a lovely, unspoiled cafe environment - lots of potted plants and walls adorned with an eclectic selection of pictures in rickety frames. Also, though I was in a hurry today, I'd imagine it's better than your average cafe for people watching, having a longer front along the pavement than other similar establishments.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I reach that

I discovered this the other day, I can't quite remember how, other than through the track Love is Everyone.

It sounds straightforward enough in its own weird way, although apparently the instrument (a tiple) is quite tricky to play. Just strumming and a voice - I suspect the simpler music seems the harder it's been to pull off. Maybe the secret ingredient is soul.

Ed Askew Peter & David