Thursday, 4 September 2014


Either Dollar in Teeth or Return of Django appear on just about every ska compilation ever...compiled. And they're seriously good tracks. Other than those two though I admit, my knowledge of Upsetters instrumentals was scanty.  Anyway, the other week, after twenty years of not really being that bothered I decided to check out some of their other output. I pondered which track to post and was torn between Sipreano and Tipper Special. Ska and more so dub can test even my taste for repetition, but these two though I find thoroughly satisfying, mainly on account of their slight weirdness I think, a defining attribute of the famous Lee Perry production. Regarded as a legend in this household and I know all my friends feel the same way, is he famous in the real world?

I was going to leave it on the question there, but I spoke to my brother shortly after I'd written it and so I asked him. He had absolutely no idea who he was. Didn't even know what he did.

Anyway, Tipper Special. I opted for this one on the grounds that it's drier.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lesser spotted lighthouse

This summer we returned to Somerset. I was dismissive last year of Watchet lighthouse, clocking in as it does at a mere 22 ft. A glorified pepper pot. However, I decided I might as well go and take a look and was mildly won over. It's not a bad little lighthouse, though it's not really a lighthouse.

The harbour walls (which seemed very high to me) were, here and there, eroded in a most interesting way. Very alien-looking I thought, and well worth a photograph.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What a drag it is getting old

While I was away we got through yet another hamster. Years ago I remember how badly my dad was affected when one of the cats got knocked down. I was sad of course, but poor dad really took it quite hard. So much so that they didn't get another cat for a couple of years. But the older you get the more sentimental you get, I notice. So, yes, having fed our ailing hamster sugared water through a pipette for a few days and hoping against hope, I was ridiculously morose for a fortnight or so after Bilbo there took his one way trip to the vet. I loved that little guy. It torments me that he never got to the see the living room in its new configuration. There's a lot more scuttle room.