Monday, 20 June 2011

Two nines clash

The other day Ally at Dusty Sevens posted Get Up And Use Me by the Fire Engines. Because she doesn't like it. I think. Anyway, I thought it was great and one thing led to another and I discovered Nectarine No. 9. This is what I always hoped the Apples in Stereo or the Lilys would sound like: laidback psychedelia (those whoopwhoopwhoop bits). Throw in the fact that nine has always been my lucky number and it's all totally irresistible.

Nectarine No. 9 I Love Total Destruction

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lord Sitar

Turning over the pages in today's little Guardian supplement I was almost startled by the stark elegance of Ravi Shankar. Given this and his cultural contribution I'd say he was an excellent candidate for a statue. And sitars are such beautiful looking instruments as well, it'd be great.

On a final note: what man looking at that picture could fear the onset of baldness?