Friday, 26 October 2012

Mod commandments

Thou shalt not wear anything with the word Mod emblazoned upon it. Or a roundel. Or a Union Jack.

Thou shalt not wear a track suit top (not even one of those nice Fila ones). Unless on your way to or from some kind of sporting activity.

Similarly, thou shalt not wear bowling shoes unless thou be bowling.

Thou shalt not wear a pork pie hat. Unless you are an elderly black man. Which you are not.

Thou shalt have no polo shirts but Fred Perry

Thou shalt not have a handkerchief poking out of the breast pocket of thy Crombie coat.

Thou shalt not wear braces

Monday, 15 October 2012

What's it all about?

I thought that news story a couple of weeks ago about the IRA stealing some hunting rifles was a bit weird. Whether through donations or proceeds of other activities you'd think they'd have enough money just to buy the rifles? I daresay anyone buying that kind of thing in Northern Ireland probably attracts some attention, but not as much as by robbing them. 

I'm sure this story, like any story about the IRA, could only appear in the British media with the blessing (if not the outright authorship) of the secret service. What does it all mean?

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quick death

Zooming up the M1 the other day I spotted one of these beauties (just before Chesterfield I think). In previous posts I've touched on some other aspects of my ideal funeral (tunes to be played, type of coffin) now we have the conveyance. Yes, it's all falling nicely into place.