Friday, 18 December 2009

It's Friday...let's overthrow capitalism!*

I first encountered Ian Svenonius's brand of revolution flavoured pop when I rescued a 7 inch single from a dying record shop. It was "I Want Some" by Make Up - one of his earlier and perhaps most impressively coiffured incarnations. Anyway, the a-side I didn't like so much but the b-side was the fantastic "Pow! To the People". Despite owning their singles compilation I still find myself bidding on the individual discs at transatlantic times in the morning, I just love the sleeves.

Make Up: Pow! To the People

The track below is from his follow up band and, to my knowledge, the funkiest tune ever written in praise of leftist insurgency (but very happy to be proved wrong on that point). AK47 - when you absolutely, positively got to kill ever motherfucker in the room, accept no substitute.
Weird War: AK-47

(*With acknowledgements to Across the Kitchen Table's Friday posts)


  1. Talking about revolution, I was in the Copenhagen Summit. I was very angry. No chance to overthrow it. We need to fight now. Against cops and that stands in our way.

    I loved AK47. Im not much for funk but that was good.

  2. I'm glad to read you had fun at the protest, despite getting thumped. But I've no real faith in demonstrations - I went along to one of the marches against the invasion of Iraq, not to protest if I'm honest - more out of curiousity. Anyway, a million people and how much of an effect?

    The good thing about the climate problem is that all the countries in the world are going to have to co-operate. There's no getting out of it. This issue is going to create a de facto world government.