Saturday, 1 October 2011


I got fed up with EARTH CAPITOL. Like so many of my utterances it was cribbed from the Simpsons (one of Kodos and Kang's exchanges) and the other day I saw they spelled it capital and that was just the last straw.


  1. I hear it's a buyers market on Mars: did you get much of a garden?

    I too thought it was Capitol.

  2. Mars eh? Stay out of Manfred Steiner's dreams.

  3. John - rust gardens are all the rage, but I find I have to keep relighting my cigarettes when I go out back to watch the Earth set of an evening. And I think I might have been influenced by that clip.

    Davy - I thought you were probably alluding to Philip K Dick, but had to look it up. I got two of his books out of the library the other day (note to self, due back 6 Oct) The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, which I've struggled with and finally given up on, and The Cosmic Puppets which I started last night and which has gripped me straightaway.

  4. Don't know those at all - must investigate.

    'Martian Timeslip' I quite liked - though it's a *headtrip*

  5. That certainly seems to be his thing.